Terms & Conditions

Clients are requested to read carefully the terms and conditions for the use of our parking procedures recommended in the terms and conditions. Should you wish to place a complaint, you are requested to follow the complaints procedure set out in our terms and conditions, which will ensure that your complaint is brought to the attention of the manager of the Head Office.

Company Liabilities

This is a private company not open to the public.

The Company, its servants and agents liability in respect of any loss or theft of vehicle from miss-delivery of or temporary failure to deliver or damage to the vehicle only where the same is proved and to the extent that is proved to be caused by negligence, wilful act or breach of statutory duty of the company, its servants or agents.


The Company’s fees include insurance cover whilst our drivers are moving your vehicle. We would respectfully remind you that all vehicle owners must comply with the road traffic acts, specifically applicable to road fund licence and where necessary MOT certificates. Claims for subsequent damage to your vehicle will not be considered unless they are reported at the time of collection of your vehicle.


Responsibility is neither implied nor accepted for articles left in cars, windscreens, tyres, wheel trims, stone chips, scratches (as those are not always visible due to daylight and weather conditions on departure time,) mechanical failures, frost, flood, storm damage.

Drivers are insured to drive customer’s cars on the public highway (one single claim per car for damage of up to the sum of £26,000.) Cars parked on The Company’s compound are parked at the owners’ risk. The Company accepts no liability for loss or damage unless and to the extent it is proved to be caused by the negligence of The Company.

Not Covered

Platinum Parking accepts no responsibility for mechanical failure, immobiliser/key fob failure. The Company will deal with wheel changes and flat batteries to expedite return journey.

Complaint Procedure

Should your vehicle suffer damage?

Immediately inform The Company’s driver before accepting the vehicle back at the terminal area. Signing for the return of your vehicle will avoid any claim whatsoever.


Do not leave any valuables in the vehicle e.g. radios, clothing loose change, CDs, DVDs etc. The Company will not cover personal effects of any kind of value. No responsibility is accepted for any keys other than those of your vehicle.

Moving Vehicles

The total mileage should be no more than 20 from airport to car park to airport. This is subject to motorway closures or diversions, which could add more miles. The Company reserves the right to move the vehicle within the car park by driving to such extent as The Company may, in its discretion, think necessary to avoid obstruction or the more efficient arrangement of its car park.

The Company reserves the right where the car park has to be closed either permanently or temporarily in whole or in part or has to be evacuated in cases of emergency to remove any car at any time to another reasonably convenient car park within the control of The Company. All the above can cause excess mileage.

Tax and MOT

The client must ensure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition and has a current road tax disc and current MOT certificate during the period that The Company has control of the vehicle and will indemnify The Company should this not be the case, such indemnity to include all legal expenses. If the vehicle is deemed to be un-roadworthy, The Company reserves the right not to move the vehicle and no refund will be allowed. In the event of your vehicle failing to start we will take you to your vehicle and it will be your responsibility to arrange the repair. We will assist where possible.

Damage and Mileage Check

The client will complete the booking before the car has left the airport and a copy will be left with the client, a copy for Platinum Parking and a copy to be signed by the client on their return. If the weather conditions, bad light, dirty vehicles etc. prevent a full body inspection, then Platinum Parking accept no liability for the car and will note this on the day of removal from the airport. The driver will note this in the body inspection form.

Return Flight Numbers and Times

Clients must ensure the Company has the correct information on their flight numbers arrival at the UK airport and the correct terminal. The vehicle will be returned within the maximum time of 60 minutes. Only call for your car when you have collected your entire luggage.

Curtailment and Extended Stay

The client will pay any expense incurred by Platinum Parking for early curtailment by the client (maximum charge £35)

The Company will make no further charge for unavoidable delays at its discretion.


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